Fun Facts About Jessyka - Part 1

Fun Facts About Jessyka - Part 1

I've never dyed my hair - but, I have 7 tattoos & 12 piercings
When I was younger my parents loved my hair color, they knew it was rare and wanted to "preserve it" as long as they could. They never allowed me to dye it growing up, and actually bargained with tattoos instead, win. WIN for me. Haha. Looking back I am SOOO happy they never let me dye it because I absolutely love the low maintenance upkeep, the cheap shampoo & the healthiness of my hair now that I'm an adult/a mom. Also, Jax got my hair color & that's just the best! 

Quirky Eater
I don't like sauces or anything with a yogurt-like texture. I never dip anything. I don't like spicy or intricate flavors. I put salt on salad instead of dressing. My favorite snack is canned pineapple - frozen. I microwave eggs to put on toast and call it a "Superstar Sandwhich" something my dad and I came up with when I was like 10. I don't like hot fruit, yes that means I do not like pie, crazy right? I'm getting better but I do not like when my food touches. I don't eat leftovers, unless it's pasta. I'll take salty over sweet any day. I had never tried a raspberry until this year because of the "furryness" but I only like raspberry jam. 

Frenglish is my jam
French is my first language. I went to all French school growing up, and by all French I mean every class was in French except English, which was still mostly in French. I switched over to an English high school in grade 11 and that was a bit of an adjustment, so instead of learning sciences in English I just didn't take Sciences after grade 10. Do not ask me anything about biology, chemistry or whatever else there is to know about Sciences... I didn't even know babies don't actually get chewed up food through your umbilical cord, I actually thought when Jax craved ice cream that I was giving her ice cream *face palm emoji* so, yeah now I know & maybe I taught you something, but probably not.

Social Sciences however, is kind of my thing. I was a Sociology Major in university with a focus on criminology & a minor in Human Geography. Ask me about people, cultures or celebrities - that's something I'm good at! Watching any award show or movie with me is like having a real life IMDB by your side, you're welcome! 

Four years ago we lost everything we own... 
Except the clothes on our backs, in a house fire 4 years ago while I was in Vegas at the Britney Spears concert. Other than becoming a mom, I consider the fire the most defining moment in my life. Simultaneously one of the best & worst things to happen to me. It helped mold me into the minimalist, "live for the moments" person that I am now & for that, I'm grateful. 

I've lived in 3 provinces, 1 territory & moved 40+ times!
There isn't a whole lot to explain, it all comes down to boredom. My mom gets bored of houses really fast & I guess my dad must enjoy it too because he never stayed behind... So, we moved a lot growing up. I inherited the fear of becoming sedentary from her. As soon as a lease is up (usually before) I'm onto a new home. I'm extremely afraid of purchasing a house because my fear of being tied down is too strong. I know as Jax grows up we will have to choose somewhere to "settle" down because of schooling and friends, but for now we are testing the waters everywhere. I'm sure we will decide where we want to sink our feet soon, maybe. I actually enjoy the "gypsy" life, the fact that we have no junk because I never move junk or anything that I haven't used in the present home... I actually love moving, well not packing up, but unpacking is so much fun! I find comfort in knowing that I can go anywhere in Canada and know people wherever I go.

Here's the breakdown of places I've lived without going through the list of houses: Chelmsford ON, Yellowknife NWT, Edmonton AB, Sherwood Park AB, Kamloops BC, Vancouver BC, Airdrie AB, Calgary AB and within those places I've moved a shit ton. 

I swam with stingrays in Columbia & jumped off a 90ft cliff into the ocean in Jamaica
I did most of my out of country traveling when I was a teen. My first trip out of the country was to Dominican Republic, I spent a good portion of my summer building houses, a community center and a park for the community of Sosua. That trip was life changing, but that's a story for another time. Then, when I was 17 I went to San Andres, Columbia for Christmas break, to Cuba for spring break, and Jamaica for a wedding. While in Columbia I got to snorkel with thousands of fish at one of the largest untouched coral reefs in the world, and swim, feed and KISS STINGRAYS in a sand bay in the open ocean - that was a really cool experience. They immediately became my favorite sea creature, because I can relate to them on an emotional level; they are gentle and trusting until threatened or hurt then they fight back and I think that's beautiful. While in Jamaica I signed a waiver for my life and then proceeded to jump off a 90ft cliff into the ocean at Rick's Cafe. That was such a rush! When I was 20 my parents took my sisters and I to the Mayan Riviera - to the most gorgeous hotel. I literally felt like a Kardashian at the Azul Sensatori. Since then I've been into the depths of our Rocky Mountains countless times. I've taken Jax on some of the most exciting adventures as I believe that showing her the beauty of our country is so important. When I was growing up my parents took us to each ocean, from Ontario to Nova Scotia & then Ontario to Vancouver Island we saw our country before ever going outside and I cherish those moments and the appreciation they instilled so much. I've been to Vegas as mentioned before and part of me is sad that my trip is a bit overshadowed by the tragedy that I came home to, however, that trip was a ton of fun and I think everyone should experience it at least once. 

When I was younger I wanted to be an actress on Days of our Lives.
Who am I kidding? I still want that. I was a drama & musical theater major in high school, that was so much fun! Maybe someday my time to shine will happen, but right now I'm too busy being the star in my daughter's life and I'm more than okay with it. 

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A little more about me...

A little more about me...