Lake Louise Inn - Family Getaway

Lake Louise Inn - Family Getaway

Our family was long overdue for a getaway! We were seeking adventure, relaxation & a sense “of far from home” feeling. Our hearts have always been in the mountains, whether the world becomes overwhelming or there’s reason to celebrate: the mountains are always calling. So, when Lake Louise Inn caught my attention on Instagram I knew it was exactly the call we’d been waiting for.


We arrived on Thursday evening after the two hour drive from Calgary. We were greeted by the fresh mountain air and the friendliest staff. Check-in went seamlessly. Within 5 minutes we were unpacking in our newly updated Summit Deluxe Two Queen Room. The view from our room was spectacular! We spent a lot of time out on our balcony. It was relaxing, quiet and comfortable. The bathroom is spacious and fresh, the bathtub is huge! My daughter and I had a bubble bath both nights - which is the perfect way to wind down, in my opinion!


On Friday we had all sorts of plans: gondola rides, hikes, goal to visit all the blue lakes in the area… Then, Friday came around and our need for relaxation trumped adventure - I am so glad it did! We spent the entire day at Lake Louise Inn. We had a delicious variety of all sorts of breakfast foods at the buffet, we walked around the resort, smelling and looking at all the flowers, making friends with wildlife (from afar of course - remember: do not feed the wildlife), best of all we spent the afternoon at the pool and, in their THREE hot tubs admiring the unique architecture and making family memories to last a lifetime!

There’s a certain charm to Lake Louise Inn that you have to see for yourself to understand but, the rustic look combined with updated modern upgrades are a perfect combination - the resort is absolutely beautiful. The restaurants are delectable (especially the wood fire pizza at the Timberwolf Restaurant - be sure to check them out on Saturdays for live music!).


To top it off every staff member we encountered were genuine and happy to be there. Sounds silly to point out that they “were happy to be there” but, it is important. The atmosphere is set by the staff; they can make or break an experience and Lake Louise Inn staff certainly ameliorated our trip. The thing I loved the most: they valued our daughter as a tiny human, not just a “toddler”. They spoke to her, asked her questions and made her breakfasts extra special by topping off her meal with fresh whipped cream each morning. It was very sweet - pun intended ;)

Our expectations of Lake Louise Inn were completely blown out of the crystal blue waters! It was incredible. I highly suggest making Lake Louise Inn your place to escape. Retreat to the Lake, relax in the hot tub (s), kick your feet up on your balcony with your favourite glass while admiring the views, listen to nothing but wild life and enjoy a good night’s sleep before adventuring into the mountains!

We are already planning our next visit! Join us - book your stay today!