Pancakes & Pyjamas Party - Planning

Pancakes & Pyjamas Party - Planning

Do you remember PJ Day at school? Of course you do! It was the best day! Wasn’t it funny how we would roll out of bed only to put on our perfectly laid out “school pjs”? Oh, that was just me? Okay… Anyway, I love new pyjamas, old pyjamas, my husbands pyjamas, bananas in pyjamas, everything to do with pyjamas. And, I’ve passed that on to my daughter. The moment we get home she is either naked or in pj’s. Same girl, same.


What better way to celebrate her second birthday than in Pyjamas!? Since everyone with kids knows the best time to get several toddlers together is the morning, before naps, fresh from a good sleep with a ton of energy to burn we chose a Sunday morning brunch “slumber” party. All my Pinterest Dreams came to life when I started planning with Big Little Parties YYC.

Big Little Parties brings all the necessities of a perfect slumber party to you! Teepees, comfortable mats, area rugs, teddy bears, pillows, blankets and all the decorations according to the theme you want. I chose a whimsical theme with tons of pinks! (she offers all sorts of themes and customization options) Our experience with Big Little Parties was truly magical. Carla, and her assistant were an absolute pleasure to work with. She arrived at 8:30am and put together the most beautiful display within an hour. She also created the coolest balloon garland to tie it all together. Set up and take down was quick and easy. Carla was timely, pleasant and so happy to do this for the kids. I cannot rave enough about our experience! Make sure to check her out next time you are planning a party, your children will be blown away!


Of course the party could not happen without brunch! The night before the party my husband spent the entire evening making over 300 mini pancakes to create the pancake skewers, topped with quartered strawberries. These were by far the biggest hit for food. All the mini pancakes were devoured within the first hour. There’s something about mini cute items that draw a crowd. On top of the mini pancakes he also created a pancake three tiered cake! It was so similar to our naked wedding cake, it was beautiful. We refrigerated the pancakes and come morning we were able to stack and garnish the cake with a few artificial flowers and dusted icing sugar to finish the look. There was a garnishing station for everyone to personalize their pancakes: sprinkles, shredded coconut, whipped cream, chocolate and fruit to name a few were all part of the experience.


To add a little more sweetness to our theme we also got PJ & Pancake themed cookies from Nookies Bakeshop. I could not believe the details in these cookies. Peep the photos to see for yourself. Though, most party goers didn’t want to eat them because they were too beautiful when they took their first bite it was all over for the cookies! They didn’t stand a chance after that. I had to hide a couple for future content creation haha.

With all the sugar provided I wanted to offer juice, but couldn’t justify adding MORE sugar to the party but, water wouldn’t have been practical either. It wouldn’t be a party without a few beverages right? Thankfully JUSU Bar provided our kids with deliciously healthy fresh pressed juice options. The Lemonade with activated charcoal was everyone’s favourite while the Green Machine came in a very close second. I have to admit I was a bit hesitant about fresh pressed juices with vegetables at a kids party but it was the ultimate hit. Everyone was shocked at how “omg you can’t even taste the healthiness” haha.


Finally, there needed to be games, on top of playing with all Jaxzen’s toys we also made cardboard cut-outs of “Build Your Own Pancake”. We used paper plates for the base, taped them to the wall and had a tray of all the pancakes and toppings for them to decorate their own to take home.

It’s always so hard to say goodbye at the end of a party but, it was made a little easier with our take away bags. We created them the night before, yet again thanks to Pinterest. The treat bags included: the ingredients for a s’more, a bag of hot chocolate with mini marshmellows and a small play d’oh - the girls also got a bow clip from Baby Bear Bowtique to tie their bags.

This was the funnest party to throw, not only was it a major hit with everyone, adults included, it was over by 1pm for everyone to be able to go home for naps and continue with their Sunday routine. Pancakes & Pyjamas for the win! I will definitely be repeating this theme - maybe even for myself!

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