Skin Care & Household Favorites - Safe & Sustainable Products.

Skin Care & Household Favorites - Safe & Sustainable Products.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it forever “before Jax, I was a different person I didn’t care” about safe ingredients because before Jaxzen I was a different person. One tiny human changed my entire world the moment I met her. Before Jax, I was careless & selfish most of the time. Why wouldn't I be? I was young having fun! However, I wish I had been less ignorant to the fact that one person can make a difference. I never paid attention to things like natural, vegan or safe ingredients. Everything changed when I had Jaxzen.

I used to believe that recycling, climate change & toxins - weren't my problem. The moment she was in my arms I immediately felt overwhelmed by all the ways I wanted to keep her safe. I wanted to turn back time to recycle everything I didn't think was a big deal. I wanted to sit in fresh spring water for a decade to let it purify our bodies of any toxins. I wanted to change the world. I was suddenly aware of all the things that were MY problem. Slowly over the last few years I've made the transition to using sustainable, toxin free products in our home.

Here is a list of items we use in our home:

Skin Care & Make-Up: BeautyCounter has a list of over 1500 questionable or harmful products and chemicals that they will never use in their products unlike commonly used brands in departments stores, Beautycounter promises to make safe beauty accessible to everyone. Keeping everyone safe from unhealthy toxins is their goal. They are one of two skin care lines I’ll use on my family. Start with a lipgloss or two, you’ll receive a free sample of other products to try! Stay latched for discounts, social parties and more on my Instagram.

Laundry Detergent & Sheets: Dreambly is an all in one detergent & dryer sheet. It's an incredible safe & efficient solution! If you’d like to switch over your laundry detergent use code: JESSYKA20 for 20% off Dreambly products!🧺

Attitude Living is the only other product besides BeautyCounter that I trust on Jaxzen. You can find everything from cleaning supplies, body washes and creams to pet shampoos on Attitude Living or purchase at London Drugs.

Essential Oils are incredible for replacing toxic chemicals in perfumes and scents found in most cleaning products and skin care products. With essentials oils and other common kitchen ingredients you’re able to create everything from candles and bubble baths to dryer sheets and cleaning products. My favourite essential oils brand is Simply Earth. Their oils are soft yet powerful. Simply Earth sends you everything to get started with oils. They include a subscription box with little recipe cue cards to learn how to incorporate oils into your home. Received a 40$ gift card with purchase using code MILKSTAINSFREE .

Switching all products can be an expensive transition, by tackling one area at a time it becomes feasible.

Please let me know if you have any questions about any of these products and I will do the best of my product knowledge to help you find safe alternatives in your home.

Skip the Doctor's Office - GOeVisit!

Skip the Doctor's Office - GOeVisit!