Design Your Baby's Room with BuyBuy Baby!

Design Your Baby's Room with BuyBuy Baby!

The moment you walk into BuyBuy Baby in Brentwood, Calgary it’s like a breath of fresh air rather, a breath of modern decor & bright sight-lines to every department. I’d call it a modern boutique with department store variety. Those anxious parent worries quickly dissipate when one of the BuyBuy Baby experts greets you at the door. Their product knowledge and warmth make you feel welcomed and at ease in an otherwise overwhelming amount of products - that, let’s face it: you know nothing about!

Well, you’re about to learn a whole lot with the help of BuyBuy Baby, their product experts and their design team.


This particular visit was all about designing baby’s room! Though we have yet to start trying for baby #2 it’s fun to imagine what type of room we will have for a new baby. The design options, themes and colors are endless. Making it possible to include everything needed from bassinet and nursery to toddlerhood and playrooms. The BuyBuy Baby store in Brentwood showcases twelve different nursery designs, gender specific options, province appropriate themes and of course, midcentury modern are among some of the examples set up on the floor. You’ll be completely blown away by their hand painted feature walls - created by local artists. Everything from paint colour to specific mattresses can be found at BuyBuy Baby.


I met with Krista to go over the design process. She was full of product knowledge, upcoming trends and modern options for classic themes, such as gender neutral Harry Potter nursery with this owl bedding option and a Peter Rabbit Inspiration with this crib. Anything is possible with their variety of products and the mix and match options. Not only can they help you design your new bundle’s new home they can also help you design the matching or, accent feature, the most underrated and overused piece in the nursery: the rocking chair.

When I was designing Jaxzen’s room I never realized how important the rocking or, gliding chair would be. It is literally essential to her sleep - had I known then, what I know now, I would have certainly put more effort and thought into our rocking chair. We use it every night for story & songs, rocking and snuggling. There are two things I’d love to change about it: everything to do with the comfort and everything to do with the style. I would like to add more cushion to the back rest and would love for it to be an accent piece to her room, rather, than the eye sore that is necessary for the one thing her room is intended for: sleep! BuyBuy Baby has the largest variety of customizable gliders and rockers. The best part? It can transition to a living room chair once no longer needed for baby.

Speaking of longevity and transitioning, the variety of cribs offered at BuyBuy Baby is the best in the country. They have everything you could ever want from a crib: 3 in 1’s (from crib to toddler bed & double bed), fabricated in metal or wood, small enough for apartment living or large enough to include drawers and change table; the crib options, stains and materials offered at BuyBuy Baby are another way to customize your baby’s room.


Did you notice the crib in the above photo? What stands out? The finish? The mattress? Or the fact that it doesn’t have the traditional bars!? This is hands down the most beautiful crib I have ever seen. I know this will be the one I go with for baby #2. The Ubabub Nifty 4 in 1 Crib is a piece you will fall in love with that not only carries your baby into childhood with a day bed but can later be used in an office or study or living room as an accent bench - this midcentury modern piece is timeless.


Okay, so now you have the crib of your dreams what else do you need? Certainly a few more products though, most importantly next up is a mattress! Fortunately you can find a wide selection of crib to toddlerhood mattresses at BuyBuy Baby. There’s a mattress for every price point and one to ease every worry. The BuyBuy Baby team of experts have done their research so you don’t have to. They can help you find a firm mattress, a transitioning mattress and even environmentally friendly mattress. My favourite and probably the most innovative mattress I’ve ever seen is the Newton Baby Wovenaire Crib Mattress . The Wovenaire Mattress is 90% air and 10% recycled materials making it 100% recyclable. The crib comes with a removable, washable, breathable cover. This mattress is 100% breathable - meaning you can literally breathe through the sheet, cover and mattress, easing parents worries of suffocation.

I’m always surprised at how much changes in the time since I’ve had a newborn and was shopping for room decor, cribs and mattresses. Whether you just had a baby, are planning on having a baby, are on your first, third of fifth child there is always something new on the market, new to learn and changing trends. Buy Buy Baby is there to answer any and all questions to help bring your baby home with confidence, less worry and to make their new house feel as cozy as their first womb… sorry, room.

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Just a little longer...