DIY - Bedroom Makeover: One Shade of Grey

DIY - Bedroom Makeover: One Shade of Grey

This year for Christmas we gifted each other an “experience in the bedroom”. We wanted to switch things up; add a little shade of grey!

I’ve wanted a new bedroom set for some time now. Jordan and I have never had a “set”. We’ve always pieced together our furniture to make it functional. However functional, our furniture lacked light and love. The ambiance in our “haven” was far from the epitome of newlywed romance. On the other hand, our bedroom set didn’t necessarily need to be thrown away, it needed to be wined and dined, not divorced.

Thanks to my handy husband, a sleeping toddler and a few Google searches we were able to reduce waste, be budget conscious and achieve our #pinterestgoals in 5 hours.

Turns out once you go black, you can go back! Take a peek inside our bedroom.

I think you’ll be shocked to find out our secret in bed: the wood is actually wallpaper. The bed frame and headboard transformation were the easiest part of our project. We applied two coats of primer, let it dry for an hour and then applied two coats of paint. The trickiest part was the decorative wood aka “wallpaper”. We used a spray bottle of water to moisten the adhesive, a few extra sprays for good measure and lined the corners and outside edges with Gorilla Glue to ensure the corners wouldn’t peel. (Adding trim would also reinforce the wallpaper.)

Bedside tables: a luxury! I have never had bedside tables with drawers, only small coffee tables or nothing at all. These solid wood tables were left at the house we just moved into. I knew right away that I wanted to put these tables to good use. I did not however like the cherry wood/walnut color. Even if we use functional furniture I could not fathom adding one more piece , let alone two tables, that do not match our current “thrown together chic” decor. I am so thankful Jordan decided to tackle this project immediately. Otherwise I’m not sure the fate of these tables. I could not stand to look at them for one more day. I am grateful for a husband who sees value in appreciating the things we already have.

Tackling the table, shelf and dog stairs was a fun task. The tables were a bit trickier and the shelf completely absorbed the majority of our primer, but, it turned out way better than I’d imagined. The shelf took about four coats of primer while the side tables, since they are solid wood, took two. After those were dry we added two coats of paint to each piece. The dog stairs, for our senior dog Bellah, were an after thought. We previously decided to leave them, then we got a little trigger, or, roller happy. It was definitely a small detail that in hindsight should not have been overlooked. The stairs are part of our furniture and needed to fit the decor.

Long story short: it took us 5 hours, one shade of grey (not all 50) and a little tender loving care to bring life to our bedroom.

We had so much fun we might consider trying new things all over the house…

What You Need:
- Paint rollers and trays (get a few extra rollers)
- Foam brushes (for the little edges and details)
- Primer (guaranteed to work on a glossy finish)
- Paint - Cloud Motif Grey
- Wallpaper
- Patience