Milkstains & Meltdowns is a blog created to ease the growing pains of parenthood. With Milkstains & Meltdowns you are guaranteed to laugh, you might learn something, you may even cry; one thing is for sure, you will never feel alone in your meltdowns.

A Brief History

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No one is born with the book of life, you know, the how to's, the what now's, the where do I go from here's. Fortunately (or unfortunately, however, you look at it) we are all set out to figure it out on our own through trials, tribulations, mistakes and meltdowns we find our answers. I knew from a very young age that I certainly was not handed the book of answers when I started to defy my parents advice, follow my own advice and end up right back where I started. I thought I knew it all. 

Nothing in the world could have proven me more wrong than the moment I became a Mom. I literally knew nothing about navigating this new role. Everything was new: the hormones, breastfeeding, baby accessories, the process of growing a human (did you know when your baby craves ice cream, she isn't actually getting ice cream when it hits your stomach? Nope, it's just blood. They receive all nutrients and food through blood in the umbilical cord, crazy, right?). Babies in general were all new to me. In a previous life, before motherhood, I did everything in my power to avoid babies. And, here we are. 

I started Milkstains & Meltdowns after talking to a few other new moms, but mostly through the real veterans, parents and grandparents of new parents. They all said the same thing "You are not the first to go through this and you will not be the last" that's when it hit me: I should write the book, rather, the blog, that can possibly help others going through similar situations laugh, cry and enjoy the little moments, even the meltdowns, because they do not last forever...